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I wanna go there

I wanna go there Where stars shine bright in the dark Where beetles keep rumming on the bark Near the house old with stone walls I wanna go there Where people smile and share talks Where rabbits run and scare flocks Above the rusty window and noisy crows I wanna go there Where birds sings our favorite song Where buses are crowded for long Beside the autumn leaves and brown benches I wanna go there Where I feel all And for the world I fall In the lusty love
©SmitFairytale 24 November 2016

Chaos Over Horizon

She sat there, beside the vintage window Writing her heart, her eyes had that glow To kiss the sun bright, her muscles curved right To have a smile so bright, like a moon at night Her hands – the Morpheus creation They hugged right on the pen, she was God’s incarnation Those eyes, wild like a fire, like a lion Like chaos over horizon Her skin, so soft, so dainty, glistening all life Brought me back to heaven, alone; that hurt like knife She was a butterfly, all belleand elegant She came, gave me life, I became her servant But she was a butterfly Never stayed for a while She loved, was she magical And then she left like a miracle I still miss her, sitting here beside vintage window She was all I had, she gave me a flow But never had I chance to tell her That I love her, that I want her That she’s mine butterfly, not God’s As he claims, to steal her But none can do, because mine heart is her Because I can’t let her go, I’ll be her Orion Will create chaos over horizon
28 October 2…